AlDub Fever: What Makes A Viral Sensation Click Worldwide?

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Being an online sensation seems to be easy if you think about what happened to Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub, creating viral videos and eventually making a celebrity status for herself. And add to the amazing luck of her meeting Alden Richards, who may be her future husband, then making it to the big leagues should be more than achievable.

This Asian Sensation has proven that they are the team to beat when it comes to social media popularity (even beating the world?s most viral hashtag #LoveWins), but if you really think about it, there?s a rather exhausting formula to mix if anyone would like to be the online sensation they dream of becoming. Here are some ingredients we think might make you a viral video star based on the AlDub phenomenon.


Maine Mendoza wasn?t named ?Queen of Dubsmash? in the Philippines for nothing. When the app ?Dubsmash? went viral all over the country, people started posting videos online. The app was created to dub the voice of famous sounds with your face. Yaya Dub was able to create her own unique way of posting ?Dubsmash? video and became the sensation that she is today. The AlDub tandem became a smash hit because no one has ever seen a love story like they have (taking a look at #ALDUB2ndMonthsary).

Attractive people equal viral videos

We don?t want to sound shallow here, but attractive people tend to be more lucky in their bid to become famous. One perfect example is Yaya Dub, and the beautiful face of Maine Mendoza and her hilarious ?Dubsmash? videos, then you?ll have a viral video that will eventually circulate around the country, even around the world. Being proud is also a quality that you should have if you want to be famous one day, not too much though. The ?Queen of Dubsmash? in the Philippines had a silly face that you can?t just avoid but being proud with what she did made it worthwhile, so if you think you?ve got the chops, go ahead and post that proud you.

Love conquers all

Yaya Dub meeting her supposed destiny Alden Richards might just be amazing luck, but if you think you and your couple have what it takes to make your relationship go viral, then no one?s stopping you. People tend to want love stories with a twist. AlDub was able to catch the hearts of most people in the Philippines because they sympathized with the idea. Love does really conquer anything (#ALDUBBattleForACause is an example of conquering love).

Down to earth

Getting famous and being a celebrity has its great perks, but sometimes those people let fame get to their heads. AlDub, for all their millions of fans and tweets, have been able to be a humble celebrity couple that is still being supported by everyone. People may like to think that celebrities are just like them and have been in their position before. No wonder AlDub is trending, everyone thinks that their destined love is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

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