AlDub Fans Fail To Support Alden And Maine: Couple?s Online Games Fare Low On Android, But You Can Still Download The Games Now!

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The world of social media was shaken after the popular Asian love-team from the Philippines, AlDub, garnered over 12 million Tweets this Saturday. This surge in AlDub Tweets even caused people?s feeds from different parts of the world to be filled with AlDub stories. The AlDub games, however, haven?t been receiving enough attention from fans as it only has few downloads on Android.

While most AlDub fans will surely have their own mobile devices, the highest downloaded AlDub game only has about 100,000 to 500, 000 downloads on Android, a low count compared to the love team?s overall fan-base. Here are all the AlDub games we found and their corresponding rating and approximated number of installs on Google Play in the Philippines:

Despite the low downloads of the games in the Philippines, the AlDub Game is the 9th top free game on Google Play. Meanwhile, AlDub Game Level Up is way up at the 111th spot as the top free game.

The AlDub game seems to be faring the same way on Apple?s App Store. According to the Philippine publication The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the AlDub game took the 13th spot for the App Store?s Top Charts in the country. The game?s ranking will surely have improved in the free top charts after the mind boggling #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate that concluded this Saturday which garnered a total of 12.1 million Tweets within a span of 24 hours.

Will the games get downloaded more by AlDub fans? Is the AlDub hype only visible on TV and the social media? We?ll monitor the installs and rating?of the games as the days goes by. You can download each AlDub game on Google Play by clicking the game?s title above.

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