?AlDub? Commercial And Series: Asian Sensation Records 28.7 Million Tweets In Less Than A Month!

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The AlDub sensation isn?t stopping for anything as the unlikely couple creates another achievement by reaching unprecedented accomplishments in social media. The power couple has generated an astonishing 28.7 million shares on their Twitter feed since Aug. 29 when they overtook the then most viral hashtag in the Philippines during the Papal Visit.

In a recent article, the power couple took the social world by storm with their two incredibly trending hashtags #ALDUBBattleForACause and #ALDUBTheAbduction. AlDub, a combination of the names of the hit television couple Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, known as Yaya Dub, almost reached a total 5.7 million tweets with their previous #ALDUBBattleForACause while the #ALDUBTheAbduction was able to reach a whopping 6.35 million shares, both of the hashtags totaling shares in just one day.

Twitter sensations

Amazingly, they previously broke the world record set by the hashtag #LoveWins, which paid homage to the US Supreme Court?s decision to honor the marriage of same-sex couples. And since August 29 where the AlDub Fandom overtook the number of Twitter shares compared to the Papal Visit?s 3.3 million, the pair?s daily hashtag has not gone down to 1 million shares a day.

To date, their fans were able to accomplish the following daily numbers:

  • August 29 ? 3.6 million
  • September 1 ? 1 million
  • September 2 ? 1.1 million
  • September 3 ? 1.1 million
  • September 4 ? 1.1 million
  • September 5 ? 5.7 million
  • September 7 ? 1.1 million
  • September 8 ? 1 million
  • September 9 ? 1 million
  • September 10 ? 1 million
  • September 11 ? 1.2 million
  • September 12 ? 6.37 million
  • September 14 ? 1.1 million
  • September 15 — 2.34 million

2nd Monthsary

As for how long it has been since the two strangers blossomed into the most trending couple in the Philippines, they?ve been extremely happy together for two months, officially celebrating their second monthsary today with yet another goal: To make the hashtag #ALDUB2ndMonthsary trend once more! And with things turning out the way they want it to be, there?s surely no reason that the AlDub sensation may ever stop.

To date, AlDub has created two impressive commercials which have given advertising companies high leverages over their competition. It?s no surprise that everyone wants to see the couple in every commercial in the country. But so long as they have their 6.35 million fans, there?s no need to wonder if they will beat another record and become the most trending couple in social media history.

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