AlDub Commercial And Popularity: Proof Asia?s Current ?It? Couple Is The Best Product Endorsers

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With so much hype and exposure circling AlDub, the power couple has it big when it comes to endorsements and commercials. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub proves to not only be the sensation they are in social media but also in the world of endorsements. Who knew that AlDub would also be a sensation when it comes to being an endorser?

Since becoming the most celebrated couple in the Philippines, AlDub has gained more and more fans across the country and even across the world, that?s why businessmen are clamoring for the chance to partner with the couple. We take a look at some of the endorsements AlDub has already partnered with:


McDonald?s had the luckiest break when they landed a deal with the power couple. Since partnering with the most celebrated couple in the Philippines, McDonald?s sales rose over 470%. If that number?s not enough to keep partnering with AlDub, we don?t know what will.

Mac Lipstick

Mac Lipstick couldn?t get any happier as the products that Yaya Dub endorses always seem to run out. Seeing those perky red lips on television made Mac Lipstick go out on the offensive and make a partnership with Yaya Dub. It just goes to show how her lips can become the talk of the lipstick world as well.

Hany Milk Chocolate Bars

Those yummy milk chocolate peanut bars that you can?t get enough of just made partners with the power couple and low and behold, Hany always run out of it in stores in the Philippines. The yummy taste of chocolate combined with AlDub surely makes every chocolate businessman?s dream come true.

We actually got a reliable tip that since the chocolate brand was featured in the couple?s first monthsary, Hany has reportedly been sold out in most grocery stores!

Talk ?N? Text

Cellular service provider Talk ?N? Text landed a sweet deal with AlDub, taking their messaging services to a whole other level. As long as you partner with Alden Richards and Yaya Dub, there?s almost always a possibility that when you ask a stranger if you know a product, their answer will always be the one where AlDub endorses it.

This may just be the beginning of a fruitful endorsement line for the power couple.

Reported to be in the pipeline: A coffee brand, a toothpaste brand, a clothing company reportedly with prominent billboards, an IT brand, and even a home cleaning agent!

What brands do you want them to endorse next?


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