AlDub Celebrates Third Monthsary: Predictions And A Look Back At Almost Three Months Of Reel And Real Love!

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The AlDub nation knows how special this day is for their favorite tandem of Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza. So in honor of their monthsary, we take a look back at some of the sweetest moments they?ve shared with us since they became the couple known as the one and only AlDub:

?Pabebe? wave

Remember that sweet moment when Yaya Dub waved to Alden Richards for the first time? We saw the beginning of something magical when Yaya Dub saw Alden smilling at her and gave that signature wave that fans know by heart ? a wave that has replaced the usual ?peace sign? when taking photos!

This Pabebe (baby) Wave also became a ?national? event, where their? mother show, Eat Bulaga, hosted a countrywide ?waving? to promote good vibes.

#AlDubYou & #MaAldenKita hashtags

We also remember that signature pinky promise they made for each other with the hashtags #AlDubYou and #MaAldenKita, clearly meaning to say ?I love you? and ?I love you too.?

This happened after their first ?almost? meeting at the main studio of the show. These hashtags have become a term of endearment not only for the two but for their MILLIONS of fans.

First kiss

We can?t forget that first unique kiss we saw when Alden and Yaya Dub gave each other a smack at the same time through the split screens of the noontime show. This happened during their second meeting after Alden performed his first dubsmash ? and it was this moment when people saw something ?spark? between the two.

The ?almost? wedding 1 & 2

Who can forget the first almost wedding of Yaya with millionaire debonair Frankie Arenolli where Maine fainted in real life and Alden failed to see the pretty nanny for the first time.

The second ?almost? wedding was also very emotional for the two who seemed to have felt real sadness for being portrayed as star-crossed lovers. And the happiness when they found out the priest who wed yaya was fake? Priceless!

?Photo? moment

We even saw that very special moment when Alden appeared on the split-screen with his phone with Yaya Dub as his wallpaper. Everyone was moved and they all knew that the sweet moment between Maine and Alden were very much real.

Short glance moments

The moments when you see Yaya Dub waiting for Alden to appear on the screen every day makes fans hoity-hoity. These short glances from Maine clearly show signs that she likes him, for real.

A bouquet of flowers and chocolate peanut butter bars for the 1st Weeksary

Everyone watching AlDub melted when Alden gave Yaya Dub a bouquet of flowers and a pack of chocolate peanut butter bars during the show. We saw how sad Yaya Dub was when she saw Alden talking to someone else on the phone and we saw how that sadness turned into pure joy when Alden surprised her with those beautiful flowers.

?Thinking Out Loud? moments

Ever since Alden sang Ed Sheeran?s ?Thinking Out Loud? on their first weeksary, it became a constant scene on every episode and their moments weren?t complete without singing that famous song.

Yaya Dub and Alden Richards Dubsmash conversations

Just when you thought their sweet moments would end at the noontime show, you see the power couple responding to each other?s videos. We would always see them replying to each others dubsmash videos, and even talking on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Who knows what will sweet moments these lovebirds are going to show to us today? It?s been a while since we saw something sweet from the two, but here?s our guess ? there won?t be an AlDub today. But maybe we?ll see Maine and Richard?

What do you guys think?

To watch the livestream, check out this link here.

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