AlDub: A Team-up Written In The Stars?

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AlDub Team-up
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If we try to analyze the phenomenal rise of Asia?s current ?it? love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza who plays the character ?Yaya Dub?, also known as AlDub, it?s easy to arrive to the conclusion that their team-up is nothing short of stellar.

In a span of a little over three months, the careers of both stars have catapulted to surprising levels, and made a lasting mark in local pop culture.

Their popularity has resulted in a rumored 20 product endorsements along the pipeline, Gold and Platinum albums for Alden in a span of three days, and sold out publications of any print that has their story.

Globally, their presence has also made an impact: A spot on the Billboard charts for Alden, Maine being recognized as the Top 3 fastest rising personality by Twitter (overshadowing Taylor Swift and Katy Perry), getting the attention of international artists, their fans being able to achieve a total of 41 million tweets for a dedicated hashtag (second highest of all time), and filling to the brim the world?s largest indoor arena for their first major concert.

The exceptional split-screen romance of the two (they interact only through cameras and TV as both are located in separate locations), has changed the landscape of Philippine entertainment, with actress Maine Mendoza pushing the envelope further by being the anti-thesis of what a celebrity should be.

One definitely can?t downplay the fame of these unlikely pair, but here?s where it gets interesting ? it seems the two also shares some sort of cosmic connection, making fans believe that the their paths were actually destined to cross

AlDub Team-up: Destiny

Now before anything else a disclaimer: This piece is not meant to mock or belittle some assumptions formulated by fans, but rather to help explain the dynamics of AlDub?s fandom. Each connection made was done meticulously, and only a true and hopeful admirer will be able to piece together fragments of the past that coincided with the events of the present ? a phenomenal achievement by itself!

The role of #5. For some fans, the number 5 holds some amazing connections between the two. Both their names have five letters each, and both already met five years ago during an event. Not only that, people believe that in one way or another, the two are destined to meet. Alden wanted to be a pilot if he did not become a celebrity, and Maine? A flight stewardess of course!

Alden?s interview a year before he met Maine. A year before they met, Alden was interviewed by young host Ryzza Dizon during her show and asked him what he wants in a girl. Alden answered along the line of someone who?s ?caring, loving and thoughtful,? to which the host said: ?Gusto mo ng yaya?? (Do you want a yaya?). Yaya is Fililipino, is a ?nanny? and it is now a role famously played by Maine.

Maine?s Prophetic Twitter posts. It seems the show?s leading lady has foreseen so many of the events that?s happening to her now from a few years back ? most of which are on Twitter, the social media outlet dominated by Maine.

First, she tweeted about how it would be so cool to be a celebrity and people will watch out for whatever it is she will post. To date, she has 2.33 million followers on twitter, and people look out for whatever post she has for the day.

Her most notable ?prediction? however was a poem she posted on her blog exactly a year before their fated meeting in the world?s largest indoor arena. In her poem, Maine spoke about a wedding day, about walking down the aisle, where her groom will shed tears of happiness, and that everything will be magical.

Although their major event billed ?Tamang Panahon? (The Right Time) was not a wedding day, the scenes which transpired looked eerily familiar ? walking towards each other while their song was playing, wiping the tears off Alden?s face who was visibly emotional from their meeting, and describing the whole event as ?magical? in a later post ? all of these seemed to have signaled the fruition of Maine?s thoughts. Add to the sky lantern backdrop during the show, it seemed the magical image also meant a lot to Maine who hoped to one day light one with the man of her dreams.

Perhaps the people behind the show got hold of these images? The show?s executives actually revealed that none of the scenes were scripted, and that the only instructions given to the two was ?do what you want.?

So these?are just a few of the interesting coincidences which stroked the fire of AlDub?s fandom in the last few weeks. It?s up to you to believe if any of these are true. One thing is for sure though: When it comes to their fate, their stars have already aligned!

Do you have anything to add to the ?evidence? above? Sound off in the comments section below!

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