AlDub 2nd Monthsary Special: Know The Milestones When Asia?s Newest Power Couple Ruled Social Media

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AlDub apparently isn?t going anywhere any time soon with the trending machines Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub taking over the Philippines online playground, or maybe even the world. So in honor of the power couple?s second monthsary, we take a look at their milestones and how they became the online sensation that they are today.

August 29: Aldub beats Papal Visit hashtag in the Philippines

Of course we remember the Papal Visit and of course we won?t forget how we made the Pope even more twitter famous, but fans couldn?t help it when the fandom overtook the number of Twitter shares of Papal Visit?s more than 3 million. But amazingly, getting this far may just be destiny and the will of God.

September 5: #ALDUBBattleForACause

Beating the most viral hashtag in the Philippines during the Papal Visit wasn?t enough for the couple?when they made #ALDUBBattleForACause. The hashtag almost reached a total of 5.7 million shares when the couple met for the first time, even almost touching each other, only to be barred by a wooden wall.

September 11: AlDub McDo Commercial

Even McDonalds got in on the fun when the food company hired the duo to make the sweetest commercial yet. The couple made their first commercial ever, thanks to McDo, showing their new ?chicken fillet ala king? with Yaya Dub eating at a McDo restaurant and Alden Richards making a drive-thru at the same area.

September 12: #ALDUBTheAbduction

#ALDUBTheAbduction is by far the most dramatic event for the AlDub community when the couple, though blindfolded, held each other for the first time. If that?s not going to make you scream for more, then we don?t know what will. The hashtag reached an amazing 6.35 million shares, beating the previous #ALDUBBattleForACause, and even beating the world?s most viral hashtag #LoveWins.

September 16: #ALDUB2ndMonthsary

The couple?recently celebrated their second monthsary along with 6 million fans on social media by taking almost 30 million twitter shares in less than a month. The most trending couple in the Philippines has yet to break records with their new hashtag: #ALDUB2ndMonthsary, but they were already able to record an impressive 3.52 million tweets yesterday.

With these simple hashtags that are already making trending history on social media, it?s no surprise if Twitter crashes when they ever get to the one and only milestone that couples and AlDub fans alike have been waiting for: #ALDUBangTamangPanahon.

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