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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Supported By Local Mayor As Ratings Dips

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The Alaskan Bush People is in a very delicate situation right now after several accusations of it being a fake reality TV series have surfaced. As a result, the TV ratings of the reality show have dipped in the past episode. However, the local mayor where the Brown family resides, supports the show to prove that Billy and his family really are bush people.

According to TV By The Numbers, the show?s ratings fell from 0.7 to 0.6 last Friday, June 17, 2016. There are speculations stating that the slide on the TV ratings is mainly rooted on the ?fake accusations? that the show has received for the past weeks. However, the producers of the show seem to have found a solution to this problem.

In the past episodes, several individuals close to the Browns were featured in the reality show probably to help the showrunners prove that the show is real. The most recent one is the mayor of Hoonah, Kenneth Skaflestad. Now, contrary to some speculations, Skaflestad is really the mayor of the town, as shared by Alaska Dispatch-News.

?I did some Googlin? and found out that Kenneth Skaflestad is, in fact, the mayor of Hoonah; he won a runoff election by two votes. My guess is he wasn?t just stopping by to meet the weird family with a TV show, but he was registering all the Browns to vote,? said the author of the publication.

If the outlet was correct, then Skaflestad will win his next election by 10 votes, or possibly 11 if the youngest Brown will turn 18 years old by that time. However, the show mentioned that the mayor has just been elected, which gives us an idea that the episode was probably filmed some time in late October 2014.

So, why did the producers feature the mayor? According to Inquisitr, Alaskan Bush People producers may have commissioned Mayor Skaflestad and some other people to ?humanize? the Browns by further stating how great people the family is. However, according to the outlet, it is a cheap stunt to keep the interests of the viewers and it is something a showrunner should do during the first season, not in the fourth where the viewers already know who the Browns are.

It seems like the producers are really eager to gain back the reputation of the series as a ?reality show? through these individuals. However, if viewers have already realized this hidden agenda, then everything the guests would say will not really matter as they have already made up their minds that the show is scripted from the start.

Speaking of the fake accusations, one of the most recent ones is the fake boat rescue scene the show will feature some time in the future. According to Daniel Martin, a resident living near Browntown, ?Discovery is shopping for another boat for the show, one they can set on fire and film the Brown clowns to the rescue. I can see that not ending well.?

If the scene would really take place in the upcoming episodes of the ?reality? show, it would further strengthen the claim that the series is indeed fake. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Alaskan Bush People airs every Friday on The Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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