Alaskan Bush People Season 4: Unseen Footages New Secrets Revealed

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Alaskan Bush People Season 4 aired a post-season special which revisited previous episodes that included unseen footages. New secrets were revealed in the post-season special wherein the audience was shown some unseen chapters in the life of the Brown family.

The special episode delved deeper into the Brown?s life down south. The revelations about the Brown family range from something big and totally shocking, to the Brown boys dating experiences, and to having some doughnuts for dinner.

To visit the Lower 48 states was a culture shock

The Browns visited the Lower 48 and they unsurprisingly experienced culture shock. According to Blasting News, Matt was shocked to discover that water costs more than pop in the Lower 48 while he was out buying some drinks. He said that the cost for water was ?weird? and did not make any sense.

The not-so fresh air was also quite new to them as well as crowded streets full of cars and people.


Ami and Billy Brown, Photo: Discovery Channel

Matt had a severe infection from getting bitten by a stray dog

Matt had pet a stray dog when he was walking along the beach, but the dog bit him. This happened weeks before their trip to the Lower 48. He never told anyone about the dog bite when he went home so the supposedly small bite got infected in a really big way. The pain was unbearable and he needed to see a doctor right away. He even had to be airlifted to Anchorage while his brother Noah accompanied him. He went back to Browntown after being properly treated with antibiotics.

Matt takes a girl to a junkyard

The Brown boys need a lot of lessons on dating. The special episode showed Matt on a date with a girl and takes her to the junkyard. And, obviously, the girl was not amused. More footages were shown of Gabe, Bear and Noah taking a shot at dating in the matchmaker episode.

Doughnuts for dinner

The Brown family was overwhelmed by the amount of food in the Lower 48 when they usually just cook up worms as a meal in the bush. While in the Lower 48, they were more than delighted to have doughnuts for dinner instead of their usual meals back at the bush.

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