Alaskan Bush People Season 4 Spoilers: What Will Happen To The Browns Next?

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Alaskan Bush People season 4 has already captured an audience of around 5 million people. Loyal fans still tune in every week amid accusations that the Discovery Channel series is fake, most of them eager for spoilers on what could happen this season.

Scenarios from the last episode fueled even more speculations about the future of the Brown family.

First was how Billy and Ami Brown went through a culture shock when they visited the Lower 48 states with their eldest son, Matt Brown. From simple things such as how water costs more than soda, to the overall lifestyle of people, the episode showed how the Browns truly belonged more in the Alaskan wilds.

However, the episode did show some of the things that the Browns were not completely out-of-place with. ?Since they have not completely lived full-time in the wilderness for the last thirty years, they were apparently still familiar with several automated home appliances, such as washing machines.

Alaskan Bush People Season 4 clip shows Bill denying breaking the law.

While at the Lower 48, the Browns temporarily took a break from scouring and cooking up worms as each member of the family took turns in preparing modern meals. At one point, everyone had a feast when Gabe brought a dozen doughnuts for dinner. ?Do these mean that the Browns could soon be able to adjust to more modern luxuries in Alaskan Bush People season 4?

Another storyline from the previous episode that could extend this season was how Matt got bitten by an infected stray dog. He didn?t pay attention to the wound at first, but the infection got so bad that production had to call for a medical emergency and airlifted Matt to Anchorage. He returned home after getting treated with antibiotics, but viewers can?t help but wonder if more adverse infections would surface in the next episodes. Is Matt completely out of danger following the infected stray?s bite?

Lastly, the previous episode also revealed the Brown boys? unconventional dating style. One example is how Matt took his date to a junkyard ? a move that inevitably did not impress the girl. Will the rest of the season show the boys? improved dating skills? Will their love lives be featured more now that the show has become such a hit?

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