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Alaskan Bush People Season 4: More Details On Why Show Is Allegedly Fake

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Alaskan Bush People Season 4?s previous episode featured the birthday of Billy Brown and the small talk he had with his son Bear. However, rumors about the show being fake are still out there and they are even more detailed than ever.

In the special episode of the reality show titled ?The Book of Billy,? the birthday of Billy was showcased and the entire Brown family was there to celebrate it with him. Ami baked a cake on the campfire with a method she has invented – surrounding the cake with heat from all sides. But that was just a part of their birthday surprise for Billy because the Browns also prepared a talent show, said the Examiner.

Every family member had something to do during the talent show. They sang songs, performed magic tricks, and even did some impersonations. However, the highlight of the celebration seemed to be their wolf howls that definitely brought the house down. After the gathering, while still sitting around a campfire, Billy admitted that it was his best birthday ever.

Prior to the celebration, Bear had a small talk with Billy asking questions one after the other, and it somehow helped the fans understand more about the head of the Browns. Some of the questions asked were about his best attribute and his favorite game to play with the kids when they were growing up. Although the episode was such a fun time for the Browns, producers of the Alaskan Bush People have not been having a great time for the past weeks with all these accusations of the show being fake.

The most recent claim, and somehow a spoiler as well, is the said upcoming fake boat rescue scene. In a post by Inquisitr, someone named Daniel Martin revealed the plan of Discovery channel of setting a boat on fire. ?Discovery is shopping for another boat for the show, one they set on fire and film the Brown clowns coming to the rescue. I can see that not ending well,? said Martin.

Although the publication clarified that the claim could be fake for being too specific, they noted that it is possible because Martin himself is a boat owner, and Discovery channel could have possibly approached him and asked if he knows of other boat owners in the area. If a boat rescue scene will take place, it will definitely strengthen the claim that the ?reality show? is a fake, but if not, all these accusations will remain as just accusations.

How about you? Do you think the Alaskan Bush People is fake? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The show airs every Friday on The Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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