Alaskan Bush People Is Returning; Possible Scenarios For The Browns In Season 6

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Amidst rumors that the Alaskan Bush People (ABP) has been cancelled, the show is returning to The Discovery Channel for a sixth season. As fans eagerly await its premiere, let us discuss the things that could possibly happen to the Brown family in the next installment.

It can be recalled that due to the continuous drop of its TV ratings, there are speculations that ABP is going to be cancelled by its mother network. However, in a recent report, it was revealed that the show has already been renewed as the channel announced their lineups for 2016 and 2017, which include 20 new series and 22 returning series.

Now that the sixth season of ABP is already confirmed, fans are already thinking what to expect in the reality show, and based on the latest events, the viewers should anticipate big changes in ABP. Here are they:

Bam Bam?s Love Story

Joshua ?Bam Bam? Brown is the second eldest son of Billie and Ami, and rumor has it that he is in a relationship with Allison Kagan, one of the producers of Alaskan Bush People. According to Blasting News, Bam Bam mentioned on social media that he went on a trip to New York City and stayed there for three weeks. He even posted a photo of him in a bar, sitting with Kagan as they both eat and stare at each other.

Aside from dating the producer, there are even rumors that they already are married. It was rooted on the picture that has surfaced online where the couple went to a Paul McCartney concert. Bam Bam?s left arm was wrapped around Kagan?s neck and a gold ring can be seen on his ring finger. As of now, confirmations about these rumors are still unavailable, but if all true, it will definitely make huge changes in the show.

Matt?s Come Back

During the last episodes of the fifth season, we saw Matt admitting his problems with alcohol and how addicted he is to it. As a result, the oldest son of Billy decided to go to a rehab, and he chose to stay there instead of going back to the wilderness with his family. However, with his absence, several questions have been raised regarding the upcoming season of the show.

If he would not return for the installment, how would the show deal with his absence? But if he does come back, the question is, how will the Browns deal with his alcohol problem? It is clear, though, that whether or not he will return, it will still affect the show big time.

There you have it! Two things you have to anticipate in the sixth season of Alaskan Bush People. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more updates about ABP, stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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