?Alaskan Bush People? Fake Not: Actual Problems Faced By The Family In The Series

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Amidst rumors about the Alaskan Bush People being fake, it seems that the Browns are going to face real issues in the upcoming episodes involving three family members?Billy, Bam and Matt.

Impending Imprisonment of Billy and Bam

It can be recalled that earlier this year, Billy and Josh ?Bam Bam? Brown were sentenced to spend 30 days in jail because of a plea deal for swindling thousands from the Alaskan government. However, for some reason, the two did not spend their time behind bars during the past months.

However, in a recent post by TV Ruckus, the duo will not be going anywhere this time as they are expected to spend 30 days of their lives in the slammer. According to the publication, Billy and Bam are going to jail due to the deal they took regarding the accusations of living outside Alaska, making them ineligible to receive the checks the state pays to residents.

The two took the deal to protect Ami Brown and other siblings, who were also charged of the same case. In a more detailed report, Radar Online stated that the entire family stole a whopping $27,000 from the state, and on top of that, Billy and his family should pay about $22,000 in judgments and fines.

In the next episode, Billy and Bam are going to start their 30-day imprisonment, as presented in the teasers.

Matt?s Alcoholism

During the last episode, Matt?s mood at the start did not match his mood for the rest of the installment. It somehow confused the fans as to what is the reason behind that, but when the preview for the next episode aired, it all became clear and it seems like Matt is ready to admit his addiction to alcohol in front of the cameras for the first time.

According to Inquisitr, it will serve Alaskan Bush People two positive things. First, it will give Matt the chance to share what exactly is happening to him. Lastly, it could lay the groundworks for further episodes of the reality show.

Aside from that, it will also be helpful for the series to somehow avoid the fake accusations the show has been receiving for the past weeks. Alaskan Bush People airs every Friday on The Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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