Alaskan Bush People Fake: Family Lives in a Hotel, Not the Wild; Eldest Son in Rehab

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Alaskan Bush People cast members reportedly do not really live in the wild.
Alaskan Bush People cast members reportedly do not really live in the wild.

The controversies revolving around Alaskan Bush People don?t seem to end. While a lot of ?lies? about the family have surfaced?already, a new report states that the supposed Alaskan Bush People do not actually live in the wilderness. They are reportedly staying at a hotel and are now staying at?the city of Juneau, Alaska?s capital.

Alaskan Bush People is a Discovery Channel documentary/reality show about a family living in the wild. However, various claims against the authenticity of the show have been made. Recently, the Inquisitr reported that the family does not actually live in the wild but at a hotel at Hoonah, Alaska. Two locals claim that they always see the family come and go from Icy Strait Lodge, and the Alaskan Bush people boys reportedly have their own hotel rooms. This is contrary to the fact that they?re bush people, as the show claims.

Moreover, Radar Online also reports that the family recently left the hotel and is staying at Juneau.??They are in Juneau for an extended stay. They never stay in Hoonah for long in the summer,? a local told the online publication.

In fact, one of the sons, Bam Bam, was reportedly seen with his two sisters at Juneau Department of Motor Vehicles. One of the sisters, Rain, was allegedly spotted wearing an Apple Watch, which is not typical for someone who claims to be living in the wild. In fact, previous episodes of the show portrayed the Alaskan Bush people cast as having no knowledge of modern technology such as the iPhone.

Meanwhile, the eldest son Matt, was reportedly not seen with the bunch. Apparently, he recently checked in to rehab. According to another report by the Inquisitr, Matt was arrested back in 2013 for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. After drinking at a bar, he allegedly hit a motorcycle and fled the scene. Matt, however, denied hitting the vehicle during the time.

Alaskan Bush People Season 4 airs every Friday night at 10 pm on Discovery Channel. ??

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