Alaskan Bush People Fake: Family Conspired with Ami?s Clan to ?Dupe? Fans? Billy & Bam Bam Freed from House Arrest for Fraud

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The latest Alaskan Bush People controversy involves a conspiracy between Ami's clan and the show's cast.
The latest Alaskan Bush People controversy involves a conspiracy between Ami’s clan and the show’s cast.

The Alaskan Bush People seems to never run out of controversy. It?s no news that the reality show has been accused of being fake several times. Now, a report claims that the estrangement between Ami and her family isn?t real. In fact, Ami?s family and the show?s cast may have conspired to “dupe” the fans all along.

Ami & Her Mom?s Failed Reunion; Ami?s Cousin was Also in Hawaii?

Ami supposedly skipped town and went to Hawaii with her family during her mom?s exact visit in Alaska. Apparently, the show?s Alaskan followers in various Facebook groups learned about the failed mother-daughter reunion and welcomed MeMaw (Ami?s mother) instead with a barbecue party. Such people pitied the 83-year-old who went all the way to Alaska just to see her daughter as a last wish before she dies. However, the supposed reunion may have been just a publicity stunt that the kindhearted people of Alaska fell for.

Inquisitr reports that after the failed reunion in Alaska, MeMaw and the rest of the family was supposed to go back to Texas. However, Ami?s cousin, Charles Gilbert, who was responsible for MeMaw?s trip, oddly posted on an Alaskan Bush Facebook page that ?he needed to hypothetically know the quickest way to get from Maui back to Juneau.? This didn?t make sense because he was supposed to be with MeMaw in Texas then. As it turns out, he may have been in Maui with the Alaskan Bush family all along. The post had been deleted since.

Facebook Group?s Moderators are the Cast?s Family Members

After Gilbert?s odd post, the updates from MeMaw?s trip were also taken down. Gilbert and Ami?s brother, Les Branson, also removed themselves from the Facebook groups. Because of this, one admin of a Facebook group dug up info on the family and found a private Alaskan Bush People Facebook group. The group includes Branson, Gilbert and surprisingly even Twila, Billy?s supposed long-lost daughter. Apparently, once the group was discovered, it was changed into a secret group on FB.


With such discovery, Inquisitr?s Toni Matthews claims that Ami?s family and the show’s?cast may have been in on the stunt just to get people?s sympathy. He also pointed out that there seems to be no estrangement between Ami and her family, as her brother Branson even promoted Billy?s book.

Billy and Bam Bam Now Free

Meanwhile, according to Alaska Dispatch News, one of the show?s recent episodes featured Billy and Bam Bam?s freedom from house arrest for fraud. The two were supposed to be jailed but were surprisingly put on ankle monitors instead a few months ago. According to the report, the family just hung out in Alaska for the whole month and fixed their boat.

With such controversies surrounding the?Alaskan Bush People, it remains to be seen if people will still support the reality show. The reality TV series airs Friday nights on Discovery Channel.

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