Alaskan Bush People Fake: 5 Major Wrong Things About The Show

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For the past months, the Discovery Channel?s Alaskan Bush People has been receiving a lot of criticisms about it being fake despite being categorized as a reality show. Now that the rumors have already spread like a wildfire, let us discuss five major wrong things about the show that fans have noticed.

  • Brown Family Complaining About Being Broke

It is a surprise that a lot of whining is coming from the Browns when they should already be used to living in the Alaskan wilderness as they claimed they have spent almost their entire lives in the bushland. With so much whining, it strengthens the claim that the family is not used to living in the wild and that they are just forced to do so for the ?reality show.? And, if they have indeed been living in the wilderness for a long time now, being broke should not be an issue to them because they should already know how to survive with less money in their pockets.

Also, another rumor is that all of the Browns are receiving a decent money just to appear in the show. The locals in the area where they are said to be living even revealed that the cast is living secretly in a hotel with separate rooms. So, why are they complaining? Is it just to show the people how pitiful they are?

  • Conversations that are Obviously Scripted

Some fans have already noticed it but let us just state it for you. During the first season of the show, the cast have always been awkward in talking to each other and in front of the camera. However, in the recent episodes of the Alaskan Bush People, the conversations between the family members became noticeably staged and rehearsed.

It appeared that most of the members failed to just react in a particular scenario, and instead, they delivered lines that are obviously scripted and rehearsed. Also, all the drama in the reality show are definitely hard to believe especially the one wherein Billy met his daughter ?for the first time,? when a close friend of theirs revealed that they have already been together a bunch of time before.

  • Drastic Changes on their Appearances

In this particular issue, it definitely involves BamBam Brown, who for the past season has experienced several changes in his looks. From his short brownish hair to a now very long curly brown hair.

According to Inquisitr, these drastic changes in style of the Browns are the results of the network?s efforts to make the cast appear more wild so it would be easier for the audience to believe that the Browns are indeed living in the wilderness. However, what seemed to be a loophole is the changes happening in a short period of time, which according to the outlet should not happen so soon if the show is indeed real.

  • Lack of Knowledge About Living in the Wilderness

For the past seasons, Billy claimed that he and his family have been in the bushland for several years already. However, what certainly surprises the fans is their lack of knowledge in certain things that they are expected to already know.

A good example of this is when the Browns went to the mountaintop to hunt deers. According to a fan, who grew up in a hunting family, the mountaintop is not the place where you should go and look for the animal. With that alone, it is enough to prove that they are not really familiar with the location and they are just trying to imitate what a wild person would do.

  • A Bunch of Lies About their Stay in the Alaskan Wilderness

According to Billy, they have lived in the region for 30 years straight. But, in the case filed against them, it revealed that from 2009 to 2012, they have not lived in Alaska. The Browns were not even in Alaska when the verdict was handed down.

With that fact, it is safe to assume that not everything the cast of the show states is true. Plus, there are rumors that Billy, after he self-published his book about his life in the wilderness, was approached by the Discovery Channel to appear in a ?reality show,? which is believed to be the Alaskan Bush People. If that is true, then the show is basically scripted and contradicts its title as a reality show.

There you have it! Some of the wrong things that fans have noticed in the Alaskan Bush People. How about you? Do you think the show is fake? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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