Alaskan Bush People Cancelled? Why Discovery May Not Bring It Back

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Amidst a lot of controversies about Alaskan Bush People being fake, recent reports suggest that the show has been cancelled by The Discovery Channel and there is a possibility that it may never come back to television again. Find out why.

For the past months, the show has consistently been receiving a bunch of rumors of how fake it is. Now, it seems like its mother-channel is already affected by these issues, which led them to the decision of cancelling the renewal of the show. Aside from that, there are also claims that it will never air again. Here are the reasons:

Browns Vs The Law

It can be recalled that two members of the Brown family, Billy and Joshua, were convicted for stealing thousands of dollars in oil revenue from Alaska. That case alone gave the audience the thought that Discovery will never renew the show again.

However, keep in mind that scandals like this one are not always a dead-end for a reality show, especially when it is too popular and has gained a lot of viewers. So, let us just wait for further announcements from the TV network.

TV Ratings

Another reason why the show might not get a renewal is the huge ratings drop this season. According to Inquisitr, the show has lost almost half of its audience between the fourth and fifth season. Obviously, viewers of the show are not entertained anymore, which might led to the cancellation of the show.

The Scripted Nature of the Show

Speaking of TV ratings, a possible reason why it was dropped is because Alaskan Bush People really does look like a scripted show. As a result, the show tends to be repetitive, which is an indication of desperation from the producers to make the show interesting again.

But clearly, that is not going to happen this time because as mentioned, the viewers are not entertained anymore and those kind of scenarios started to become boring for the audience. If Discovery Channel will renew the show, they would have to come up with a new storyline to capture the audience?s interests.

Matt Brown?s Alcohol Problem

Lastly, we have the case of Matt Brown. He recently told People that he was forced to leave the show and his family to get treatment for alcohol abuse. Although that is indeed great for his health, there is a possibility that he would not want to come back to the show.

Also, if ever his family would decide to be on his side all throughout his battle with alcohol abuse, then that would really lead to the cancellation of the show. Aside from that, Discovery Channel may not also want to air the show once more because it seems like they are doing more harm to the cast, specifically Matt, than helping them.

As of now, there is still no confirmation whether or not The Discovery Channel will renew Alaskan Bush People for a sixth season. It is clear, though, that they are not in a rush to make the decision. Do you think the show will really get cancelled? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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