Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown to Reunite With Her Estranged Family; Show?s Ratings Declining, Next Season to be Its Last?

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Alaskan Bush People may have its last season soon as its ratings decline.
Alaskan Bush People may have its last season soon as its ratings decline.

More family drama is expected to unfold in Alaskan Bush People. After revealing the family patriarch?s ?long-lost? daughter, the focus will now be on the matriarch Ami Brown?s family. It?s said that Ami hasn?t seen her family for 36 years, and the reunion will be entirely documented for the cameras. Meanwhile, the controversial reality show is apparently suffering from declining ratings, and it?s said that next season may be its last.

According to Radar Online, Ami, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch, will reunite with her mother and other family members, which she has not seen for more than three decades. According to the report, Ami?s mother, sister and cousin will fly to Alaska from Texas on June 28. As usual, the reunion will be documented for the cameras, as Ami?s cousin will reportedly post updates on Facebook and YouTube. The online publication claims that husband and wife Billy and Ami have been ignoring the latter?s mother?s calls. This is why the 83-year-old has decided to be the one to fly to Alaska just to see her ?estranged? daughter.

Inquisitr reports that it?s Ami?s mother?s birthday wish to see her daughter again. Apparently, the family has tried to reach out to the Alaskan Bush People matriarch for decades, but they haven?t heard from the Browns since eight years ago. Ami?s family will reportedly stay in Alaska for more than a week.

Apparently, reunions with estranged families are common in Alaskan Bush People stars. A few episodes back, Billy was reunited with his ?long-lost daughter? Twila. Twila is Billy?s daughter from a previous marriage. In the show, Twila said she felt the need to reunite with her father when her own daughter suddenly died of car crash. However, there were claims that the father and daughter aren?t really estranged and have actually been seeing each other for years. This adds to the numerous allegations that the show is indeed fake.

Speaking of the fake allegations, it was reported that Alaskan Bush People?s ratings have been declining. In a separate report, Inquisitr cited the figures from last year to date and noted a significant drop in the viewership of the reality show. It further stated, ?Alaskan Bush People shed at least a couple of million viewers ? and there?s nothing to suggest they?ll be coming back.? The report states that the various controversies about the family could?ve affected the show. These include the fraud case, the fake allegations and even the predictability of the show.

While the reporter claims that such issues won?t affect the show?s renewal for another season, it?s said that the reality series may have its final season next year.

Alaskan Bush People airs Friday nights on Discovery Channel.

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