Alaskan Bush People Ami Brown Heads To Hawaii To Skip Out On Reuniting With Estranged Mom?

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Alaskan Bush People fans were seriously disappointed at the Browns for skipping out on reuniting with Ami?s estranged mom.

Ami, the Browns? mother and her family heads to Hawaii and there are rumors that Ami or the Discovery Channel does not want the reunion to happen because it will deviate from the show?s plot. Ami?s mother, Earlene Branson, wanted to document the reunion but it appears that Ami doesn?t want to see her.

A lot of fans expressed their anger and disappointment about the Browns for skipping out the reunion with Ami?s 83-year-old mother whose last wish was to see her before she passes away.

Inquisitr reports that Earlene, with the help of her great-nephew, Chuck Gilbert, made the 7,000 mile road trip to Alaska only to find out that the Browns went on a trip to Hawaii. Chuck even documented the whole trip and shared the adventure with the fans of the reality series on its official Facebook page as well as on Youtube and called it, ?Memaws Trip to Alaska.?


The Browns in Hawaii, Image via Facebook/Alaskan Bush People

With fans lashing out on social media, Discovery, addressed the issue indirectly by releasing a video titles, ?The Story of Ami and Billy?s Past.?

In the video, Ami revealed that she came from a family of alcoholics. She said, ?My dad was an alcoholic and it tore our family apart. As a child, you know, watching these things, you learn from it. That is the reason why I don?t let them know where physically I am.?

Ami also expressed her desire to mend her relationship with her family so their children will be able to get to know them but then she shared that there are many other people out there who are ?more family than them.?

The Bransons said that they made multiple attempts to inform the Browns that they were coming to visit via letter and press release on social media but they never received a reply. They made the trip anyway, but to no avail, the Browns were already in Hawaii.

Some people believe that Ami never knew that her mother was coming while many others believe that they deliberately avoided the reunion.

What do you think? Did the Browns know that Earlene was coming to Alaska? Or did Ami intentionally skip out on reuniting with her estranged mom? Was Discovery involved in the family?s decision?

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Alaskan Bush People airs Fridays, 9/8c on Discovery.

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