Alaskan Bush People 2017 Release Date News, Updates & Rumors: Everything You Need to Know

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Ami and Billy Brown, Photo: Discovery Channel

The Alaskan Bush People 2017 will be coming to the Discovery channel for its 6th season. The Brown Bush family has confirmed the news on Twitter.

The Brown Bush family has clearly mentioned on Twitter that the Alaskan Bush People season 6 will hit television screens on January 6. The fans heard Billy Brown saying ?This year is all about a self-sustaining homestead,? in the trailer. The Brown family?s house was destroyed by a bear previously. One of the Brown?s son was saying Browntown “is becoming more than just, like, a little encampment,” according to People. The Browntown is likely to get a new look in the coming season.

Alaskan Bush People ?is the adaptation of the book titled One Wave at a Time written by the Brown patriarch Billy Brown. Billy Brown and his family decided to feature their story on screen. They covered it in one season. But the unexpected popularity inspired them to continue the series. The upcoming season will be keeping the young members of the family under the limelight.

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Matt will be reunited with his family. In the previous season, fans saw Matt leaving the show and joining a rehabilitation centre to get rid of his alcohol addiction. The happy news will be that Matt will no longer have any problems due to alcohol. He is healthy and fit to go back to the Bush family. Fans will get to watch Matt coping up with the new life, according to goshTV.

The family will be in search of a new love and will be trying their best to establish themselves in the Alaskan bush.

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Alaskan Bush People is produced for Discovery Channel by Park Slope Productions. Earlier, there was a rumor that the Alaskan Bush People has been cancelled. This because Discovery does not want the show. Now, the Alaskan Bush team has debunked the rumors by releasing the official details of season 6.

In season 5, the Brown family had to face many difficulties. In between, ?Billy Brown and his son Joshua were also caught in a legal dispute. The judge had sentenced them to house arrest. Now Billy Brown and Joshua are expected to pay a heavy fine to the court.

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The new season of Alaskan Bush People will return to Discovery on January 4 at 9 p.m. ET.

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