Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 To Visit Manila? Will Announce RuPaul?s Drag Race Asia?

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Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

There is a lot of big rumors and speculation going around RuPaul?s Drag Race community, and the fans of Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 as well. It appears something pretty big is set to happen in 2017. Join us as we uncover Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?s rumored Asian and Manila tour this coming 2017, and much more!

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 2017

Officially, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?s tours for 2017 have already been booked. She?s headed to several parts of the USA in the coming months. And she?s also dropping by Britain, Brazil, and Australia. However, not everything is set in stone right?

It’s a fact that RuPaul?s Drag Race has a strong fan following all over Asia. Surely, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?s planning to drop by the east to send some much needed TLC, right? Well, many fans all over social media are thinking just that.

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Many are speculating over a possible Asian tour for Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. She?ll drop by prominent countries such as Singapore, Japan, Philippines (Manila in particular), and more. And although, this may all just sound like wishful thinking, there may actually be a possibility for all of this.

This is all because of the Facebook page sharing a very provocative and mysterious image saying: ?MANILA – Keep posted for a very exciting announcement in the next 24 hours!?

The image shows a giant question mark covering up a person who appears to be in full drag. This image has since fueled the comments section with fans’ wildest imaginations.

RuPaul?s Drag Race Asia Edition

Speaking of rumors, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?s possible tour isn?t the only big rumor that the provocative shared image has created. Many fans are hoping for?news of an Asian Edition for Rupaul?s Drag Race.

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That would be phenomenal news for fans all over Asia. The show has already gained such great ratings with its western setting, it’s about time they bring it a little closer to home, well to those living in Asia.

These may all just be wonderful rumors but they sure are pretty great ideas. Make it happen, World of Wonder!

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