Alan Wake To Have Two Add-On Episodes Coming This Year

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Alan Wake, the game, is supposed to be set up like a television series. Throughout the game each new level or chapter is supposed to be like a new episode. Each having their own story arc, that then leads into a overall larger story.

Well this is a perfect type of game to have for DLC, and guess what? You’ll be able to get at least two downloadable episodes later this year after the games release. It all depends on how well the game is received by fans, but I think we may be seeing a lot more Alan Wake in the future.

Read more to read a quote from a developer of the game on what they want to do with the future of the franchise.

“I think it’ll depend a lot on the audience, but certainly we want to — if we’re successful — we want to do a large ‘Season 2,’ if you will, at some point,” he revealed. “Right now, I’m not allowed to say what we’re doing exactly this year.”

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