Alan Wake 2 Is Actually Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment Interested In Sequel

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Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake is one of the biggest games Remedy Entertainment released in the past few years. The game received mixed reactions from players and now the company is set for the Quantum Break release. But, a trademark filing by Remedy Entertainment fueled discussions about the return of Alan Wake. People started saying that the company is working on an Alan Wake sequel; and finally it is now clear that Remedy?s trademark filings point to an Alan Wake TV show. But, it doesn?t mean that Remedy never thought about Alan Wake 2. The company actually pitched Alan Wake 2 and in time, the title became Quantum Break.

The next time-bending game, Quantum Break, by Remedy Entertainment will tell its story in a video game and a TV show. Creative director Sam Lake says that the video game and the live action component will be included in one package. Quantum Break was actually pitched as an Alan Wake sequel. In his interview with Eurogamer, Lake said that initially, the company pitched Alan Wake 2 at the Los Angeles studio. The pitch included live-action components and the team was interested in taking the game ahead with it. Lake explained that the pitch was good and everybody was excited and wanted to make it even bigger.

In the end, the final result was Quantum Break, and it was a part of Microsoft?s Xbox Entertainment program. The studio that was developing original video programming for Microsoft?s Xbox closed down and its key executives left the company. After this big change, Quantum Break’s show survived.

When speaking about whether or not the Remedy plans to bring an Alan Wake sequel or Quantum Break is just a step to test the waters, Lake said that he is happy with the response the trademark filing has got. Lake considers the reception as a good sign. He shared his vision about the Alan Wake Returns saying that all these games are a part of Remedy and most importantly, the vision is about bringing something nice for Alan Wake fans.

In other Alan Wake news, it was recently confirmed that Alan Wake’s Return is not a game at all. At this moment, Remedy has already confirmed to Kotaku that Alan Wake Return is not a video game. Remedy will launch Quantum Break on April 5 for Xbox One and PC.

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