Alan Thicke Net Worth: How Much Did The Growing Pains Actor Earned? How Did He Die?

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Alan Thicke Net Worth

Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke passed away yesterday from a heart attack. The ?80s sitcom actor will surely leave a legacy not only for his family but also on TV. As for the Alan Thicke Net Worth news, it is believed that the actor has earned approximately $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth?s latest report.

Alan Thicke Career History

Notably, the late Growing Pains actor also worked as a songwriter and a talk show host. Thicke was born on March 1, 1947, in Ontario, Canada and began his career in the 1970?s as a game show host. In his first show titled First Impressions, Thicke built up his fame and eventually continued on the primetime celebrity game show, Animal Cracked.

Through Thicke?s hard work, he eventually had his own talk show titled, The Alan Thicke Show. In addition, he was also offered to do a somewhat similar job titled Thicke of the Night. Despite starting his career as a host, Thicke is widely recognized for his great acting role as Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains.

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Alan Thicke Net Worth News: Is it Really $40 Million?

Alan Thicke Net Worth

Thicke?s net worth isn?t as big as what other celebrities have. As a matter of fact, some of his fans were surprised that he is worth so much. According to reports, he has such a beautiful home and lives part-time on his 3-parcel ranch located in Santa Barbara County.

Furthermore, Thicke?s home is reportedly filled with maids and such. In the Celebrity Wife Swap show, Thicke?s wife stated that she was so mad because she does absolutely nothing but lives like a princess in their house.

Alan Thicke?s Heart Attack

Unfortunately, the TV icon passed away on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. According to reports, Thicke was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter William, when a heart attack struck him. He was rushed to Providence St. Joseph?s Medical Center but was eventually pronounced dead there.

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According to the website TMZ, law enforcement stated that a company that salvages organs was contacted. In that case, some of Thicke?s organs would be donated.

It was reported that Thicke was on the ice between 10 to 11 AM when he started having chest pains. Soon after, the chest pain was followed by nausea and he eventually vomited.

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