Alan Rickman Dies A Real Wizard, Puts Spell On The Whole World, Makes Everyone Cry

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Alan Rickman Dies

‘After all this time?’


This famous line captured the hearts of so many Harry Potter fans, and although we all know the character Snape was fictional, Alan Rickman played it with so much heart, that the whole world believed that he was the loyal wizard who only had true love to give. His acting prowess was so powerful, both young and old alike were enchanted when he played the surly wizard.

And today, the actor lives us with his own brand of magic, as he bid farewell to the muggle world and joins the other side of the curtain to unknown and better adventures. He was 69.

Rickman, also known for portraying the iconic role Hans Gruber in Die Hard, was suffering from cancer when he passed away with family in London.

Details of his death is still unclear, but nevertheless, we’re sure Muggles and Wizards together, are raising their wands to one of the most notable characters of this generation.

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