Akira Anime News: Will They Ever Release A Movie? See Why Akira Fans are the Best in the World

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For over 28 years since its debut, Akira anime still stands as one of the best animated classics ever created. During the film?s release, Akira instantly became a cult film instigating groups of people to imitate the film?s character and uphold the controversial theme it presents. Passionate Akira fan groups sport a rebellious lifestyle and cyberpunk fashion.

It can be said that Akira?s story is still relevant in today?s time. War destroys a city and destroys a person, both his mind and body, and if left with nothing – they struggle to survive, sometimes violating laws just to stay alive. Akira ?shows what war can do to a place, depicting a dystopian version of Tokyo set in the year 2019 where terrorism and violence are rampant. The plot revolves around Tetsuo Shima and his psychic abilities and biker gang leader, Shotaro Kaneda. Together with Kei, Col. Shikishima and a trio of espers, they set out on the quest to prevent Tetsuo from releasing the imprisoned psychic Akira.

Akira Anime

To this date, Akira lives on, inspiring not just anime fans but professional artists as well, who have spawned high quality tributes left and right over the past two decades. There are still talk of a Hollywood live-action version of the film, which Warner Bros currently has the rights to produce. No official news yet as to when they plan to release the said movie.

For now, marvel in these fan-made Akira videos, that perfectly capture what Akira anime is all about.

Here is Editor Brad Kremer and animator Dean Fowler?s CGI animated short tribute to Akira. The 2-minute footage shows Neo-Tokyo and lead character, Kaneda and his gang, the Capsules during their race battle with their rivals, the Clowns.

Nguyen-Ahn Nguyen and his group, CineGround from Montreal also took a spin on a fan made live action trailer for Akira back in 2014. See the actual trailer for their Akira Project as well as behind-the-scenes production journal showcasing the hard work they put into this.

For sure, Akira creator, Katsuhiro Otomo is very proud of what his masterpiece has accomplished in the anime, manga, film and art industry. Fans can only hope that Warner Bros. would stay true to the original source should they decide to push through with the Hollywood version.

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