?Akira? Anime Movie To Be Directed By Christopher Nola? New Live-Action Film In The Works? Details Here!

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The supposed live-action film for the classic anime is already in the works for quite a while, but this big rumor of a heavy hitter director could change the course of the film production.

The Akira anime was an adaptation from the hit manga series back in the early 90?s and it became a cult favorite, it is no surprise if Hollywood decides to step and plans to create a westernized version of the franchise (remember Dragon Ball Evolution, mmm?). Warner Bros. has already bagged the rights to film the anime way back in 2002, and there was not much any good progress on the project. Originally planned as a single movie, then a two-part film and finally the plans of making the Akira film a trilogy has been circulating around the internet. And then a new rumor pops out.

Rumors have been spreading that Christopher Nolan might have an involvement with the Akira production, not as a director, but as a producer for the planned trilogy. Geek blog Dan of Geek has pointed out that Nolan will not be helming the film, and is already talking with an unnamed director that will take charge of the film?s directing role for the past three months. After his directing role for the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan has been handling Executive Producer roles for quite some time, some of this include the Man of Steel in 2013 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rumors also spreading that the film might get a July 2017 release.

The Akira film will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio?s Appian Way production company, along with Andrew Lazar and Mad Chance. Daredevil season 2 producer Marco J. Ramirez will be the writer.

Akira is set during a dystopian version of Tokyo where it focuses on the teenage biker Tetsuo Shima who has psychic powers and Shotaro Kaneda who is Tetsuo?s friend and leader of their biker gang. Kaneda tries to stop Tetsuo from releasing the imprisoned psychic called Akira. The animated film received positive response from critics and became a cult classic.

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