Akiba’s Beat: Why You Should Be Excited For This JRPG

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akiba's beat
A conversation in Akiba’s Beat. [Image from PlayStation Blog]

Akiba’s Beat is an upcoming JRPG from XSeed Games and it looks like it will be a promising title. While it might not be as stylish as Persona 5, the character designs and setting could make it stand out. Now that the game is slated for May 16 on the PS4 and PS Vita, here are reasons to get excited.

It’s Not A Sequel To Akiba’s Trip

When fans saw Akiba in the title, they probably thought it was a sequel to the quirky RPG Akiba’s Trip. Though it has fans, the critical reception to Akiba’s Trip wasn’t great, so newer fans might get turned off. PlayStation Blog confirmed this, though the two games do share the same setting and are both interesting satires.

For those unaware, Akiba’s Trip had a feature that involved stripping enemies so the sun would kill them. Akiba’s Beat won’t be doing that and will mostly be playing it straight, though it will still be a satire. The playable characters include a jobless nerd, a junior pop idol, and more off the wall cast members.

It Plays Like A Modern Tales Of Game

Players that might not be a fan of the Tales Of series could still get into this game, since they have a similar battle system. Battles are also like the Tales Of games, so it’s all in real-time and players will need to be attentive. Once all the characters have been collected, players can choose who they want to control or who needs more attention.

Fans of the Tales Of games might get a kick out of this, since the JRPG is set in the modern world instead of a fantasy one. It’s refreshing, even if the game doesn’t have anything to do with the series outside of it’s battle system. The battle system has always been praised by fans, so this game should please those that dig the series.

The Vita Version Is Getting A Physical Release

Akiba’s Beat will receive a physical release on the PS4 and PS Vita, which hasn’t been the case for certain games. Digimon World: Next Order didn’t get any release for the Vita in the West, despite originally coming to the handheld in Japan. The upcoming Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory will only get a digital release on the Vita.

Considering the lack of love Sony USA has given the Vita, it’s nice to see a game like this get a physical release. It will be available on May 16 for physical and digital outlets.

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