AirSnap Lets Users Take Memorable Group Selfies by Pairing iOS Devices

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Selfies have hit the mainstream, so are group selfies or groupies. GlobalDelight is based in Udupi, an Indial coastal town, and has recently upgraded its Camera Plus app with a new feature called AirSnap. The iOS app developer created a new way to help people capture photos and videos by pairing two iOS 7 devies using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This includes iPod Touches, iPads or iPhones. Both devices must be loaded with the app, which turns one into a remote while the other takes the photos or videos.

The Features

AirSnap allows users to switch between camera modes, control flash, see instant previews on the remote device, as well as select front and rear cameras. These features make it easier for people to take group selfies without cutting off anyone. It also has a customized floating capture bar that lets users enjoy a better way of reaching for the capture button (and not straining a finger).

Some standard features are also offered to enhance the images and videos, such as the Pix?d that fixes skin tones and color. The new Camera Plus 3.5 has more cool features like the Soft Flash for iPads that help brighten photos. There is also the AirDrop sharing, as well as the pause ? and ? resume video recording feature.

Can be Shared to Social Media Sites


Users can also share their selfies with several social media such as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Instagram and AirDrop. For Instagram users, AirSnap can fit an entire image into the app?s square format prior to upload. The new Camera Plus 3.5 has also made it a lot easier for users to hunt down and focus on the perfect shot. A slider feature analyzes light conditions and adjusts brightness to achieve clearer and better shots.

You may not know GlobalDelight, but it is one of India?s biggest tech companies alongside Wipro and Infosys. It has been serving the Apple app store for over six years since it was first launched as a subsidiary of Robosoft Technologies. The tech giant launched the Game Your Video with 3.5 million downloads to date, and the Camera Plus with nearly 25 million downloads.

Camera Plus with AirSnap is now available on iTunes App Store for only $0.99. Existing Camera Plus users will receive this upgrade for free.

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