More Reports of Apple AirPods Delivery Confusing Consumers?

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When Apple unveiled the AirPods last September, it promised it will ship the product in two weeks. However, it has been more that two months now since the unveiling and still no AirPods in sight. Now, various reports have been circulating about the exact date of shipping for Apple?s wireless earphones. The reports are somewhat misleading and are beginning to confuse many consumers and fans alike.

Early last week, reports have circulated that due to technical difficulties, the AirPods will not ship until the beginning of 2017. A few days later, another report tells otherwise.

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According to experts, Apple hit a roadblock on the manufacturing of the new wireless earphones. Although these experts did not say the exact reason for the delay, many have speculated that it is due to parts sourcing issues. Apparently, Apple is having difficulties sourcing enough parts that will ensure cheaper manufacturing of the AirPods. Because of this, the company sought to other suppliers to provide the necessary parts in reasonable price. Also because of this, the delivery was pushed back to an undefined date.

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After initial reports of the delivery delays, other reports began to float around saying that the AirPods will become available by December 2016. This new report came from an Apple authorized reseller in Czech Republic. According to a local website, alza.cz has updated its listing to include the Apple AirPods. In the update, the site also indicated that the earphones are expected to ship in December.

Another report seem to refute earlier claims of December availability for the Apple AirPods. This time around, a French retail chain, FNAC, claims that the AirPods will arrive on Nov. 30.

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These reports are somewhat misleading and confusing. Now, consumers are beginning to get frustrated with the series of inconsistent reports. All they want is a proper announcement coming from Apple itself to clarify delivery dates for the said device. For sure, many fans cannot wait to get their hands on this new product from Apple. And right now, a good indication of when they will get the AirPods is all they need.

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