Ahmad Rahami Photos: Suspect Wanted For Manhattan Bombing, What We Know So Far

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Chelsea bombing

A new development ?has just been released about a possible suspect to yesterday’s bombing in the Chelsea District in Manhattan. Police are now on the lookout for 28-year old Ahmad Khan?Rahami, the latest ‘person of interest’ in the incident that terrorized New York, and left dozens injured.

According to ABC: “Authorities are urgently searching for a “person of interest” in the New York City explosion, identified as 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, according to a memo circulated by the NYPD.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also released a poster of the alleged suspect and described him as “wanted for questioning” related to the bombing. Rahami is a U.S. citizen originally born in Afghanistan,?and is assumed to be armed and dangerous. The FBI is?also speculating that Rahami is likewise involved in the New Jersey bombing which happened?before the NY City bombing. ?Here is the photo of Rahami:


Chelsea Explosion

Reports have come in that 25 people were injured in yesterday’s?explosion in the posh Chelsea neighbourhood in New York City. The area is a busy neighbourhood in New York; Chelsea is known for it?s caf?s, restaurants, and bars.?The explosion allegedly came from a garbage can situated between 135 23rd Street and 21st Street. The incident occurred around 8:30PM. The explosion was powerful enough to blow out the windows of a nearby 14 story building.

Gas explosion has been ruled out in the preliminary police investigation. According to a report by The New York Post, police confirms that the explosion came from a device, probably a bomb. Reports say that nearby people described the explosion as ?deafening?.

People also described the explosion as ?100 times louder than thunder,? and that it was ?like the sky exploded.? Victims of the blast has already been taken to nearby hospitals. No fatalities were has also?activated its safety check feature for people in New York. The feature allows Facebook users to tag their safety status online, so loved ones can see if they are hurt or not.


The explosion in Chelsea comes hours after another explosion happened in Seaside Park, New Jersey. This time, officials confirm that a pipe bomb caused the explosion.

The device was found in a garbage clan, ominously mirroring the circumstances in the Chelsea explosion. Authorities are now investigating if the two explosions are related. The explosion in New Jersey occurred near the Semper Fi 5K Charity run Route.

If you have info on the incidents, people are asked to alert the authorities by dialing 911.

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