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Agents Of Mayhem Release Date This August, Pre-Order Bonus Includes Marvel Cosplay Skins

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Agents Of Mayhem Release Date
Source: Agents of Mayhem – Official Announcement Trailer video

Recently, Volition has announced an upcoming Agents of Mayhem trailer this April 13. The trailer will showcase all of the 12 agents in one go. Additionally, fans have found other information about these new characters and the Agents of Mayhem release window.

12 Character Reveal

The official Agents of Mayhem Twitter confirmed that they’ll have a new trailer this April 3. The upcoming trailer will reveal all of the 12 playable characters as well as Agent of Mayhem’s release window. Fans will just have to wait until tomorrow to know the new content for this game after a long while of update silence.

Release Date and DLC Revealed In Ad Video

Jimmyfenix’s thread on NeoGAF has confirmed a sighting of an Agents of Mayhem ad on DigitalTrends. Apparently, the Agents of Mayhem Day One Edition will have a “Legal Action Pending DLC” which has costumes colored similarly to known Marvel and DC superhero characters. Lastly, the Agents of Mayhem release window for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions are slated for August 2017. However, Jimmyfenix points out that the ad might have been pulled out to hide the Agents of Mayhem release information.

12 Agents

Before the reveals, four Agents, namely, Fortune, Hardtack, Hollywood, and Rama have been revealed in the early Agents of Mayhem trailers and gameplay demos. The other eight Agents are already named, but only their obscured silhouettes are shown on the official site. Potentially, Kingpin, Yeti, Scheherazade, Oni, Braddock, Daisy, Red Card, and Joule will be shown on the promised April 3 trailer.

Meanwhile, -Flippy’s thread on the game’s dedicated subreddit have shown a poster with all of its 12 characters revealed. The poster doesn’t label each of the character’s names, but they match each of the official site’s obscured characters.

Agents of Mayhem so far

Previously, the Agents of Mayhem gameplay showed the abilities of its three characters particularly Fortune, Hardtack, and Hollywood. Gameplay demos also showed that switching characters at any point of the game is possible. Each of them has unique abilities and ultimates which can be used to deal with the current fight they’re in. Players just need to mix and match characters according to their situation or just pick the characters they like best. We’ll just have to wait for the April 3 trailer for now. Stay updated with more Agents of Mayhem news here on The BitBag.

Agents of Mayhem Day One Edition bonuses. Screenshot by NeoGAF user JimmyFenix.


Some fans have recorded the leaked trailer of the game. The trailer gives a brief look at some of the agents as well as the game’s release window. You can watch the leaked trailer below.

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