Agent Carter Season 3 Update: Marvel Scouts for New Home Network

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If there?s one thing we can expect with Marvel?s Agent Carter Season 3 is the fact that it?s not yet absolutely canceled and Marvel is seeking a new home for the show. Reports revealed that Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell recently implied in some of her interviews at the Denver Con that Marvel is doing everything it can to find a new home for Agent Carter. Although it would be great if Netflix will be able to pick up the show, there are other options like Amazon Prime and Hulu.

After Agent Carter Season 2 ended in March 2016, it?s quite understandable when fans started asking questions about the show?s scheduled return. In fact, Hypable reports that several Twitter hashtags such as #RenewAgentCarter and #SaveAgentCarter have dominated the social media platform. Also, a petition requesting Agent Carter to return to television has already reached 122,000 signatures to date.

Previously, TheBitBag reported about Agent Carter Season 3 and its apparent cancellation on the ABC network. At ?the time, when the show was pulling all stops to secure a schedule on the network, hindrances such as Obama?s State of the Nation address and finding a schedule that will allow the show to air uninterrupted were cited.

It?s a bit odd that ABC or any other network will try to discontinue or deny airing Agent Carter after Season 2 left viewers with a cliffhanger episode. But it?s also the low ratings the show encountered that seemed to delay the continual airing of the show. According to reports, Agent Carter Season 2 suffered low ratings that ABC had to think whether to order a new season or not.

Previously, CinemaBlend reported about the possible creation of Agent Carter Season 3, featuring an interview with Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell, who expressed the possibility of it happening. In her statement, she said ?I am hearing at this point that we don?t know anything and we won?t know until the Upfronts in May? We also know that because Peggy has been in other Marvel films and we know she lives a long life, this is something that can be revisited. This is something that I think has a cult following and I have every hope that we?ll see more of her in the future.

Is this an indication that Agent Carter Season 3 is coming soon? Don?t miss any updates by checking on TheBitBag.com.

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