Agent Carter Season 2 Teaser: Season Opener Delayed, Agent Thompson Introduced

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An exclusive new clip from Season 2 of ABC?s ?Agent Carter? hit the web on December 8 and features Peggy Carter and Jarvis taking jabs at Los Angeles. The clip was shared on Twitter by iTunes TV, and features Jarvis? (James D?Arcy) driving Peggy (Hayley Atwell) around Los Angeles after their arrival to the city.

According to Vine Report, the clip came after the announcement that the show?s season premiere date has been postponed to two weeks. The show was supposed to premiere on January 5, 2016, but the show would have had to skip that week due to President Obama?s State of the Union address on January 12. Therefore, the show now will not premiere its first episode of season 2 on January 19.

It is known to their fans that Peggy and Jarvis will be working from the Los Angeles SSR headquarters this season, dealing with a new boss while taking on a few villains in the process.

That new boss is none other than Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray). Thompson gets a promotion and becomes the head of the SSR New York after taking credit for saving the day in the finale of Season 1.

Murray spoke to TV Guide about what fans can expect from Thompson in Season 2.

The actor said that he has got to take the reins and become the man he is ultimately going to be. He also said that he has got control over what Carter was going to do, where she was going to be. He was in charge of Sousa. He was in charge of the SSR.

Even though Thompson is in New York and Peggy will be in Los Angeles but that does not mean we would not see plenty of drama between the two rivals. As per latinpost, Murray said that she thought they were going to see some classic Thompson but they will also get to peek behind some curtains and see a bit more.

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