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Age Of Gods Review: Gambling With The Olympians

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Who knew that Greek mythology and an innocent game of slots could go so well? ?Age Of Gods features several Greek mythology gods in a game of online slots. These gods aren?t only there for display as they can help out the player and change the tide of the game with their helpful and rewarding bonuses. How well does Age of Gods hold up against any other slot game?

The Same Experience But With A Kick
Like any other game of slots, Age of Gods requires players to use precise timing and a whole lot of luck to line up the five reels. ?For starters, let?s look at how the Gods change up the game of slots first. The game features Athena, Hercules, Zeus and Poseidon as the main stars. Having the Gods appear on the reels in a set pattern can bag players a huge bonus. Each God rewards differently, and Athena is the best catch as she rewards players with 1,000 times the line bet on a payline.
Additionally, players can also bag a huge bonus if they manage to line up the gods starting from reel 1 to the end. Being able to do this amazing feat initiates the Pantheon of Power On Reels and will reward players with 200 times their line bet or even their stake as a cash prize times 10. There?s a lot more to this slot game, and with 20 paylines, players can expect a fair playing experience with big rewards at the end.

Visuals, Audio, The Works
Age Of Gods looks pretty much like what players can expect from a game based on Greek mythology. The images of the gods are highly detailed and nothing short of amazing. The backdrop and the background music really sets the game?s theme as well. We also appreciate Playtech?s attention to detail as it made use of Greek symbols on the slots.

Players looking to get the most out of a slot game should try out Age of Gods. With a low risk-high reward system, thanks to the several bonuses, players can expect to earn something after a few tries.

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