After Reaching Top Spot in App Store Charts, “Weed Firm” Gets Pulled Out By Apple

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Weed Firm removed from the App Store

Last Monday, a game called ?Weed Firm? landed on top of the App Store charts. ?But the following Wednesday, Apple decided to remove the game from their online app portal without offering any statement. As the name suggests, the game involves the virtual cultivation of marijuana and allows players to sell and market the herb.

It is interesting to learn that this game, with a rather controversial plot, gets passed Apple?s usually strict censorship guidelines. The app was released earlier this month and centers around a fictional marijuana business where players can control a character responsible for growing the herb, sell it, interact with gangsters and crooked cops to earn profit from their drug-dealing business.

Manitoba Games, the team of developers behind Weed Firm, issued a reaction via their website saying that the decision to remove the game from the App Store is entirely Apple?s decision. They speculated that the reason for its removal was that the game was just too good and reached the top spot in all categories in such a short time. They defended this reaction by stating that there are still several marijuana-based games in the App Store as well as other apps ?promoting? supposedly illegal activities like crashing cars and shooting down people.

Although that reaction from Weed Firm?s developers may strike some people as immature and emotional, others may also realize that they may have a point in some areas. U.S. laws have radically changed in recent years and marijuana is not necessarily illegal in certain places. But that premise may not be the essential point here. Apple, in broader terms, still reserves the right to reject any game or application they deem inappropriate based on whatever grounds they choose. This game might have garnered a second look by Apple?s censorship team due to its rise to popularity, realizing that they may have missed something with their previous approval of the game.

Meanwhile, Android users may also notice that the game is nowhere to be found in the Google Play Store. According to Manitoba Games, this is due to a completely different reason. They claim that there have been some issues with the game?s publisher and not because of Google?s actions. Nevertheless, the game developers promise?to revive Weed Firm and expressed that they may need to tone down some of its aspects to comply with Apple?s stricter guidelines.


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