After ‘Little Big Planet’ Beta Woes, Launch Provides A Familiar Online Experience

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As one of the lucky thousands of people able to play Little Big Planet during the Beta period I must say I was impressed by the game.  It has added a fresh experience to gaming that we were all greatly in need of, the ability to create content and share it with others.  Thousands of gamers with huge imaginations ready for an outlet for their creativity.  Or so we thought…

I got a call from Gamestop on Saturday October 25th telling me that the recently delayed ‘planet’ was available for pickup.  Naturally I was excited and hopped in the car to pick the game up.  After rushing home to pop the game in I got the message “Cannot Find Little Big Planet Game Server.”  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, in fact maybe we should come to expect this level of quality from Sony.  Two of the biggest titles of the year were released this month and both of them flopped from day one from an online gaming prospective.  Sony’s ‘Socom Confrontation’, a game I had been excited about for months was completely mired with lag and server drops for at least the first 4 days.  In fact the game still has issues and bugs as I type this.  Since I was not involved in the Socom Beta I will not comment, but from hearsay I have been told the beta had similar issues.  If it wasn’t for my excitement for the included headset, I would have been FAR more upset about my purchase.

During the Little Big Planet Beta I had many online experiences where the game would lag to the point that the player you were playing CoOp with was running all over the screen popping in and out. I would just sit there unable to control my experience only to be dropped with a server connectivity error shortly after. Or even worse, my console would lock up and require a reset.

I took these issues lightly because of the fact that this was indeed a Beta period.  There was no way Sony would release there most anticipated title with these issues out of the box. I was so wrong.

So here we are Monday October 27th.  After owning the game for 2 days and spending my time unlocking materials and tutorials offline the game has finally come online. Media Molecule has officially turned on the servers. I couldn’t wait to get online and check out the custom gaming goodness that my fellow gamers have laid out for me.  Guess what?  The game experienced lag from the very moment I connected to an online world.  Much of the same from the Beta except this time a much faster kick in the ass back to the main menu and my wallet $59.99 lighter.

Fanboys will be quick to defend Sony on this one.  Facts are facts, two highly anticipated games and the day one online experience takes another huge shit.  I love both Little Big Planet and Socom.  Eventually both games will play the way they were intended.  Many of my friends are having problems as well.  I for one am tired of paying $59.99 to beta test games for these companies.   These problems should have been worked out before the official release. Why am I buying an unfinished product?  Is the problem with the Playstation Network? It is not my connection so I know without a doubt, it’s “Not my problem”.

I hate to use Xbox Live as an example here but fact is, I am playing the Call of Duty 5 Beta without any issues or lag what so ever.  I played Call Of Duty 4 online day 1 on my Xbox without any issues, Halo 3 No Issues. Crackdown, and GTA4 No Issues on launch. People flooded Xbox Live servers from day one with these titles and I never had the types of issues I am having with the past 2 Sony launches.

So I guess for now on when I buy a multiplatform game I will have to take into consideration the fact that if I buy it on PS3 I wont enjoy it much online for at least a month.  If $39.00 gives me a whole year with a wonderful online experience I will have no problem continuing to pay Microsoft for Xbox Live.  If I want to enjoy a crappy day 1 online exclusives from Sony, I guess I will continue to pay them $59.99 per game and beta test their product until they release an update.

So Sony Fanboy spin machine its time to get to work. Can’t wait to see the comments.

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