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After KickassTorrents Shut Down, Users Should Understand 4 Big Risks When Downloading Pirated Content

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Kickass Torrents alternatives
Kickass Torrents alternatives

The popular?Torrentz EU?portal has also met the same fate as KickassTorrents. As of today, accessing the site leads to this message: ??The url has been blocked under instructions of the Competent Government Authority or in compliance to the orders of Hon?ble Court.?

Following the KickassTorrents bust, severe scrutinization of similar sites has become the norm across the globe. Many such torrent sites are expected to bite the dust sooner or later.

Sure, many?mirrors and?alternatives keep popping up from time to time. However, the question to be asked is ?when will they go down?? and not ?will they also go down??

Generally, torrents are nothing but a file type with information containing the metadata of a movie, show, game, software or photo downloaded with the help of a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The torrent files are not proprietary contents of any single site. This means they are not maintained or shared by just one website. Ultimately, torrent websites are like gateways.

The file maintenance and sharing happen because of the users of P2P networks. Once users download a movie, they allow it to get seeded.



So what is ?seeding?? If someone uploads a torrent file and you download that content, it is downloaded on your system straight from the uploader?s. Seeding the downloaded content will allow another torrent user to download it from your system instead of downloading files from the host.

This helps in downloading the files faster. However, there are multiple risks involved in downloading torrents.

The Risk Of Getting Hacked

Not all torrent files are safe to download. A hacker might silently place a malware and you may end up downloading it to your system. This gives the hacker full control of your system unwittingly. Many users may not even realize that they are indeed victims.

Is there a way to find out which torrent file is safe to download? Technically, the answer is no. But if you are familiar with a particular source that distributes torrent downloads, it?s much better to rely on them.

However, the right thing to do is scan the file after downloading the content. In any case, there is no real safety net here.

The Risk Of Uploading Personal Data Unwittingly

The general consensus among security analysts is that uploading torrent files via P2P network puts other stored data in the user?s system at risk. This is especially true if sensitive or personal information is stored in the device.

However, technically speaking, the data is under risk only if it is in the same folder as the torrent file being uploaded to the host site. When uploading the torrent file, the entire folder where the stored content is, gets shared by default,?Small Business noted. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them separate before uploading any file.

The Risk Of IP Address Exposure

The IP address is the real deal. If you are downloading a torrent file, your IP address gets logged as well. Hackers might target vulnerable devices (IPs) to amass personal data. This is why the device/system should be up to date with antivirus support.

Scan computers regularly to make sure nothing questionable exists in the system. Your firewall should be stronger, and folders that contain sensitive information should be password-protected.

The Risk Of Legal Mess

It is a brutal truth that most of the files hosted via P2P networks are copyrighted materials. This means they are not supposed to distribute/share such files, and neither are we supposed to download them. Both are illegal, period.

For instance, the KickassTorrents’ owner Artem Vaulin got arrested in July. He has been charged with ?copyright infringement and money laundering.? These are criminal charges, no less. Although his lawyers are arguing that he cannot be charged because he never hosted any infringed content on his site except for the torrent file itself, the chances of a lenient judgment is far off now.

The penalty for uploading and downloading such contents differ from region to region. However, it?s worth noting that legal trouble will set you back staggeringly ? from losing jobs to losing all you possess.

This is precisely why you should never download any new movie/show illegally, at least for 60 days from their date of release. This duration will allow movie makers to actually earn from their work. The other way is to use?VPN services to hide your IP address.

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