After Failed Snapchat Deal, Facebook Reportedly Developing Its Own Version Of The App Called ‘Slingshot’

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Following Facebook?s fruitless attempt to acquire Snapchat last year, the social media titan is reportedly developing its own ephemeral mobile messaging app that is known internally as Slingshot. This speculation arose after Facebook?s shutdown of their ?Poke? app earlier this month, which is an example of their previous effort to compete with Snapchat, albeit ineffectively.

The Financial Times reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is personally overseeing the development of Slingshot after failing to obtain a deal from Snapchat creators Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. Snapchat is the leader in the world of send-it-and-forget-it mobile messaging. It claims that its users are sending more than 700 million disposable contents every day. A research conducted in the US by a firm called Pew states that the popular app is used by approximately 9 percent of all adult smartphone users.

Facebook?s Poke app is described by Zuckerberg himself as ?a joke.? Rumors circulating in the tech world say that the now-defunct app was only developed for only 12 hours. But that failure didn?t waver Facebook?s goal of ruling over a domain currently ruled by Snapchat. This is because the teenage demographic has been found to be steering away from the popular social media platform in favor of the more discreet and convenient disappearing-message service. Facebook is obviously taking this very seriously by attempting to buy out competition and building their own application.

If these efforts push through, the Financial Times report mentioned that it may be launched as early as this month. Slingshot may or may not be a standalone app entirely separate from the Facebook app. What?s known is that it will be based from the main principles that governed their previous Poke app, meaning users will be able to send photos and videos to other users or group of users that will automatically be destroyed after a few seconds of viewing. If you?re familiar with Facebook?s history of innovation, this new app will likely come equipped with other cool features that will help it win the competition.

The self-destructing mobile messaging space is apparently one of the hottest items on the table right now. Just last week, Yahoo has acquired a similar app called Blink and hired the whole team behind it.


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