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  • 8 trendy pink dresses for women

    If you’re looking for a sign to update your wardrobe, this is it!

    Check out these 8 trendy pink dresses for women:

    • Justine Mini Dress
    • Olivia Mini Dress
    • Sally Mini Dress
    • Dev Terry Dress
    • Catalina Mini Dress
    • Active Dress
    • Smokeshow Dress
    • x REVOLVE Tokyo Short Sleeve Mini Dress
  • Olivia Rodrigo’s aesthetic and how to copy it

    Here are the fashion pieces you’ll need to copy Olivia Rodrigo’s style.

    How to dress like Olivia Rodrigo:

    • Jump back into plaids.
    • Stand out in sparkly platforms.
    • Channel your inner diva with a slitted satin gown.
    • Make a bold statement with a sheer outfit.
    • Invest in a silver party dress.
    • Get a pair of lace-up boots.
    • Seal the look with an Olivia Rodrigo collection mobile phone case.
  • Top 10 mini bags for every pink lover

    Check out our top 10 picks!

    Our list of top 10 mini bags for every pink lover:

    1. RIMOWA Personal Cross-Body Bag
    2. Sip By Sip Pink Multi-Beaded Clutch
    3. German Fuentes Drawn To You Hot Pink Leather Bag
    4. Behno Lex Mini Accordion
    5. Behno Greta Shoulder Bag
    6. Marquess Medium Hobo Bag by Alexander Wang
    7. X Sofia Richie Mini Purse
    8. Sensi Studio Frayed Mini Bucket Bag
    9. Lip-Shaped Crossbody Bag
    10. Gradient Mini Satchel Bag