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  • If “Encanto” characters wore modern-day dresses

    Modern dresses that even you can wear!

    Here are the dresses that Encanto characters could wear today:

    • Julieta Madrigal – Opposites Abstract Faux-Wrap Dress
    • Pepa Madrigal – Slice Of Rainbow Fit and Flare Dress
    • Dolores Madrigal – The Prettiest Present Swing Dress
    • Isabela Madrigal – Ruffling For Flowers Midi Dress
    • Luisa Madrigal – Best of Luxe Satin Halter Dress
    • Mirabel Madrigal – Handfuls of Happiness Maxi Dress
    • Alma Madrigal – Let Me Double-Check Maxi Dress
  • These fun heels are works of art

    They’re sure to lift your mood, too.

    Walk in the Cloud Heels by Irregular Choice:

    • Sky blue vamp with two fluffy white cloud patch appliques with pink and white sequins
    • Scalloped trim lined with pearl-white beads
    • Vibrant classic rainbow motif wrapped around the counter
    • 4-inch heels tinted with a purple ombre effect and a golden cap
    • Available in sizes 35 to 43.