5 aesthetic kitchen items for your new home

These will look great in your kitchen and dining area.

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Society6 provides functional, durable, and aesthetic kitchen items:

  • Cut Outs Puzzle Coffee Mug
  • Music Everywhere Coaster
  • Soft Blue Gradient Cubes Serving Tray
  • Abstract Art Tropical Leaves 4 Placemat
  • Indigo Mountains Wine Chiller

Investing in functional and long-lasting kitchenware is really fulfilling. It makes cooking more convenient and enjoyable, whether you’re already skilled at it or are just starting out. Having the right kitchen equipment can lessen the work and mess in your kitchen. However, with so much kitchenware available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which ones to get.

If you’re looking for high-quality and artistic kitchen items, Society6 has a lot to offer. From mugs to wine chillers, everything they offer is aesthetically pleasing and designed and created by different artists. You definitely won’t regret adding these artsy items to your kitchen.

Coffee Mugs

Since coffee is an important part of life, coffee mugs are a must in every household. You’ll enjoy your daily caffeine fix even more when you use this Cut Outs Puzzle Coffee Mug. It has a wraparound colorful design that will definitely look good with your kitchen utensils.

This durable premium ceramic coffee mug also has a large handle for easy gripping. It’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It comes in two sizes: 11 ounces and 15 ounces. 


Coasters are usually made from wood or light carton, which may not be enough to absorb leaks from drinks. This Music Everywhere Coaster is made from high-density fiberboard wood that can hold leaks from any drink without leaving any marks or spills.

What makes this coaster extra adorable is its vinyl design which complements different mugs and or glasses. Its high-quality print with a glossy satin finish will also beautify your dining table or living room. You can also easily clean it using a moist, non-abrasive cloth and then wipe it dry. It comes with a set of four. 

Serving Trays

Crafted with a 100 percent eco-friendly bamboo wood frame, the Soft Blue Gradient Cubes Serving Tray is a truly versatile kitchen item to have. It features a high-quality print with a glossy finish and is available in two sizes: medium (18 inches) and large (22 inches). 

The elegant design of this serving tray will instantly enhance your kitchen and dining area, allowing you to truly relish your afternoon or midnight snacks. You can use it as a coffee table platter, a bathroom organizer, or a plant holder. To clean it, use a moist non-abrasive cloth.


Make your dining table set up more pleasing with stylish placemats. The Abstract Art Tropical Leaves 4 Placemat is beautifully designed with bright colors that will give off a cozy vibe as you devour delicious dishes. The design is printed on the front with natural cotton on the back.

These placemats are made from 100 percent cotton and are double-sided sewn to ensure durability. Your loved ones and visitors will love the design that suits any season and occasion. You can clean it using a washing machine, then hang it to dry. It is available in sets of two and four. 

Wine Chillers

Whether it’s just a typical dinner or a dinner party, it wouldn’t be complete without wine. The Indigo Mountains Wine Chiller will keep your wine cool for up to two hours. Simply slide the bottle into the canister and enjoy drinking with your family or friends.

This wine chiller is made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel with a 360-degree wraparound artwork design that perfectly matches any occasion. It fits most standard 750ml wine bottles. You can even bring it to your friend’s house or on vacation to keep your wine cool.