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AdventureQuest3D: MMORPG That’s Playable On Your Desktop & Smartphone

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AdventureQuest3D is the first MMORPG playable on all platforms.
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AdventureQuest3D is the newest multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that’s brought to life by Artix Entertainment. The independent game developer is best known for its flash-based role-playing games, AdventureQuest, Dragon Fable and AdventureQuest Worlds. Now they are bringing this new MMORPG which playable across multiple devices.

AdventureQuest3D is compatible across mobile devices (Android and iOS) and desktop computers or laptops (Windows or Mac). The game started as a kickstarter project back in 2015.

According to Android Central, Artix Entertainment founder and CEO, Bohn, shares that the company’s mission was to create a 2D version of World of Warcraft (WoW), which is playable on a browser. But the vision really was to take Adventure Quest Worlds, DragonFable, and the essence of the original AdventureQuest to build a true 3D game that’s playable anywhere.

“All devices log into the same world, so you’re playing with people who might be on their PC, or Apple phones, or tablets, or they’ve got a game-enabled toaster or something,” said Bohn. “It sounds a lot easier than it is, and I think we’ve perfected how we’re doing it, but every time that Unity does a major update, we have to every asset in the game. It can be a crazy nightmare at times.”

This effort is a huge challenge to any major studio creating a game. Considering that Artix Entertainment only has twelve programmers and content developers, it is quite impressive how the company is managing the simultaneous fleshing out of new content for its players. Add to this challenge is that each platform has its own sets of issues. The developers must make sure that players will have the same experience regardless of which platform they are log in to play on.

AdventureQuest3D’s open beta is now available for download on the Google Play Store. While the team is still coming up with a number of early storylines, the opening tutorial will give an idea regarding the game’s tone.

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