Adventure Time Season 8: Spoilers and Updates After Preboot and Reboot Episodes

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Adventure Time Season 8

Most fans of Adventure Time are now baffled with the ?Preboot? and ?Reboot? episodes that ended in a cliffhanger. It has made the show?s mythology confusing and weird. Because of this, fans of the cartoon series are anticipating Adventure Time Season 8 to answer their questions.

Preboot, Reboot and Season 8 Spoilers

During the Preboot episode, Finn, Jake and Susan Strong meet a scientist named Dr. Gross. She creates hybrid organisms that are presumed to be reversing the effects of extinction. In her lab, hybrid animals were seen. Dr. Gross perhaps holds the key to the past. Is she an evil doctor?

Also in this episode, Dr.Gross mentions an island full of human inhabitants. Most believe that Adventure Time Season 8 ?Islands? will expand on this.

On the Reboot episode, Finn, Jake and Susan Strong encounter the eel monster and tries to subdue it. They struggled at first and Susan was thrown off. Only when Jake transforms into his gigantic size was he able to smash the monster.

When Finn checked on Susan, he discovers that her head is surging with electricity. Finn decides to touch it, which made it fully activated. This makes Susan turn on them and begins to attack. Susan goes berserk and only when Finn was able to knock off the chip on her head using his Finn Sword did Susan go back to normal.

Reboot ends with the Finn Sword coming to life. It grew a pair of arms and gets up. Then a grass person is revealed with his own grass sword.

Adventure Time Season 8

Fans believe that the doctor, Doctor Gross, created Susan and the fish people because in Super Porp, you see Susan?s head and she has the same little chip that all of these hybrids have. Susan also appears to know the doctor. Could Doctor Gross have done something to her? You can also notice that Susan has access to everywhere in this building. Perhaps this doctor created her.

So expect Adventure Time Season 8 to pick up from this and answer all our questions about the revelations in the Preboot and Reboot episodes.

We?d love to hear your theories about Adventure Time Season 8. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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