Adventure Time: Islands Miniseries Release Date & Plot – Will Finn’s Past be Revealed?

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Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time returns for an eight-part miniseries. The Adventure Time: Islands miniseries release date is set for January 2017. The eight episodes will reveal what happened to other humans.

Adventure Time: Islands Miniseries Story

The four-night special of the animated series will follow the story of Finn the Human, BMO and Susan Strong. The three will leave the land of Ooo to travel across the ocean. They go on an adventure to discover Finn’s past while meeting new creatures, friends and islands.

On the six-year strong series, Finn and Jake the magical dog lived in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo. Avid viewers will know that only two humans existed throughout the episodes. With that given, the number one mystery “Where are the other humans?” might be answered according to Entertainment Weekly.


Sadly, the Emmy and Peabody-winning cartoon series will end on 2018. The Adventure Time: Islands Miniseries might provide answers to the show’s mysteries.

The announcement came on September this year. Chief Content Officer for Cartoon Network, Rob Sorcher said, “?Adventure Time? changed the definition of what a kids? TV series could be, and it?s had a resounding impact upon popular culture around the world.”

He also added that, “Cartoon Network Studios is proud to have brought together this group of brilliant artists and animators who helped make ?Adventure Time? one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of a generation.”

Six days before the premiere date, the miniseries’ eight episodes will be available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play at $14.97. The purchase will include exclusive animatics, art gallery and song demos.

Adventure Time: Islands Miniseries Release Date

The eight episodes for the miniseries will air from January 30, Monday to February 2, Thursday at 7:30 P.M. The adventure includes Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), Jake (John DiMaggio), BMO (Niki Yang), and Susan Strong (Jackie Buscarino). For the miniseries? trailer, click here.

Adventure Time: Islands is the show’s second miniseries following Adventure Time: Stakes. The first miniseries is part of the animated series’ seventh season that aired from November 16, 2015 to November 19, 2015 in Cartoon Network.

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Stakes also had eight episodes that featured Marceline, Bubblegum, Finn, Jake and Peppermint Butler defeat resurrected vampires. Initially, the five resurrected vampires came out after Princess Bubblegum extracted the vampiric essence out of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

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