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ADR1FT Xbox One Release Cancelled

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You should not wait for the?ADR1FT Xbox One release because Three One Zero CEO Adam Orth said that ?ADR1FT will not be coming to Xbox One.? Both the game developer and publisher 505 Games have removed all mentions of the platform from the game?s official website. The game was scheduled for Xbox One as it was already released on PS4 and PC. It also supports Oculus Rift,HTC Vive VR, and the PlayStation VR.

No More ADR1FT

In a recent report by NGN, Orth clearly said that the game will not come to the Xbox One, and he suggests for players to find other ways to enjoy the game.

ADR1FT is a first-person adventure game that takes players to a journey in space. The game is about the story of an astronaut floating in space with his damaged space station. In highly challenging conditions where his spacesuit has oxygen leakage, the aim is to survive.

Players in the game use the wreckage and try to find the missing resources while collecting new ones. Once the players arrange all the resources, they need to bring the space station back to its functional condition so that they can return home.

A former Microsoft employee, Orth, formed the foundation for the game with Omar Aziz. The development started in 2013, and the duo announced that the game will be available on all the major gaming platforms. The studio successfully launched the game on multiple platforms, but without revealing the reason, the studio finally cancelled the ADR1FT Xbox One release.

The news might disappoint many Xbox One gamers, but there?s good news for those who own a PC. As the game is already available on Steam, with the latest Unreal Humble Bundle deals, players can obtain a copy of ADR1FT for just US$4.02.

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