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‘Adr1ft’ by Three One Zero Lands First on PS4 This Week

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The intergalactic experience for players is expanding as ‘Adr1ft’ will soon arrive on the PS4 console. According to reports, the game is originally designed for the VR platform, mainly HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now, it looks like the PS4 console will have the experience next week when it arrives. ?Adr1ft? is about surviving the Earth?s orbit after a series of mishaps happen on the Space Station.

The game features astronaut Alex Oshima and how he deals with the problem from inside the Space Shuttle. With no idea on how the disaster started, Alex must do everything to fix the Shuttle and save himself from the wreck. But dealing with zero gravity in space, things will be even more difficult.

Adr1ft?was derived from the ideas of former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth. Orth got axed after a series of misunderstandings with the Microsoft management, which sent the game ‘Adr1ft’ to oblivion. However, the license to have the game in the VR platform was eventually obtained by game developed Three one Zero, which is spearheaded by Orth, and everything else had just grown from there.

The announcement of ?Adr1ft? was slated to arrive earlier until it was postponed in order to release it along with its VR launching. The Oculus Rift, the first VR platform to license the game, apparently opened new opportunities for the game. As such, the PC platform will also have the game through Steam download.

?Adr1ft? is scheduled to launch on the PS4 platform on July 15, whereas the Xbox One console will have to wait for a bit more until the game launches in September 15. Players will be able to get the game for $19.99.

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Looking through what the game had to go through before it reached this level, developer Adam Orth had some pretty things to say about the rift that happened between him and Microsoft. And yes, it had everything to do with Adr1ft. In his statement he said ?I basically woke up one day and my life was just in ruins. That’s where this game came about.?

Have you been waiting for this game since it was announced? Now is your time take advantage of it and prepare to download it starting July 15. For more update on the game, you can also check

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