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Adobe has just launched a new app to make creating movies a whole lot easier called Adobe Voice. This animated video app is available for Apple?s iPad. The service utilizes a combination of a recording of your own voice, music, imagery, and cinema-like motion graphics and effects, that outputs videos that can be shared with others. The best part is that there is no filming or editing required.

The app itself is geared towards various professionals, small business owners, students, or nonprofits, and the idea is to have videos that are easily shared via social media, blogs, emails, and websites. The videos can be viewed on practically all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

According to Winston Hendrickson, Vice President for products for Adobe Creative Media Solutions, he mentioned that: ?Adobe Voice puts the power of Creative Cloud’s industry-leading video and audio technology into the hands of the masses?. He also added, saying: ?We believe Adobe Voice, and other mobile apps expected in the next few months, will continue the momentum we’re seeing.?

In a move to possibly battle piracy, Adobe replaced its market leading Creative Suite last May 2013 for the new Creative Cloud which is Adobe?s software subscription option. The subscription is priced at $49.99 a month and gives the users access to all Adobe applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Muse, Dreamweaver and many more.

The creation of the video is simple and very straightforward. Tom Nguyen, Senior product manager mentioned that: ?Just press record, say a sentence, and pick an image. And then you just say the next sentence and pick an image?. He also added by saying that after a minute or so into the recording, the video should be done. The videos use the user?s voice so there is a personal touch as well.

Adobe Voice helps you get started with a story starter and example videos. Once you are comfortable with the software, you can simply choose from the app?s wide ranging library of more than 25,000 images or even add in your own photos. Animated effects can also be applied together with the tone of music. If you?re concerned about copyrights, you?ll be pleased to know that a credits page is automatically added at the end of all videos.

The app is free for download now and is available on the iTunes App Store. Only the iPad 2 or newer models are supported and the iOS version should be version 7.

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