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Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows Phone: Not Perfect, But More Than Good Enough

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Good News: Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows phone provides a fast and powerful tool in a streamlined application, almost identical to its Android and iOS variants.
Bad News: The application is still behind its competitors, which offers more tools and features.
Bottom Line: Though Photoshop Express is hardly a photo-editing software, it stands out from a scattered crowd on Windows Phone.


Adobe Photoshop Express?s arrival to Microsoft?s hard-pressed mobile phone OS is a remarkable development. It is an acknowledgeable brand that has seen some success on iOS and Android, and provides some photo editing life to the Windows Phone App store.

Windows Phone certainly has some random photo editing tools, though they are largely demoted in making collages and applying filters onto the pictures you have taken. Adobe Photoshop Express ain?t that different: take a selfie and you will be presented with categories of tools to choose from.

Red Eye, of course, is the simplest, it automatically removes red eyes from photos. Crop lets you skew a photo, rotate it, flip its orientation and change its aspect ratio to match a number of preset options. And lastly, no photo editing app theses days is complete without filters ? you can find these in the application?s Look category, and to unlock a few more, you can purchase ?in-app for 2.99 dollars.

In the Adjustment section of the software, things will begin to get interesting. Here, you will be able to make some more advanced editing, adjusting the contrast and exposure, ?tweaking highlights and shadows and play around its color temperature. You can add a noise reduction tool as an in-app purchase for 4.99 dollars, but instead of buying that, we recommend to just learn your handset?s low-light limitations. It also has a feature to automatically optimize images, just in case you want the application to take charge of editing your photos. But if you don?t like Adobe Photoshop Express? taste, don?t worry because you can undo those changes anytime.
All in all, this app is not bad at all. This is ?certainly no Adobe Lightroom Mobile, but you are still getting fairly decent photo editing tools, free of charge.

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