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Adobe Ink and Slide For iPad: An Expensive Art of Doodling

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Are you ready to take your drawings to the next level?

Adobe discovered an alternative approach to snatch your hard-earned dollars–yet it isn’t a software. The company made a ?Creative Cloud Pen and a Digital Ruler,? that will make drawing and sketching on an iPad a ?whole lot simpler. These items are Adobe Ink and Slide.

This is compatible with iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina display.

We all know that iPad is a superb sketchpad; however, it failed to offer an equally superb tool. This is partly because of Calligraphy enthusiast Steve Jobs who is surprisingly against stylus usage.

Jobs once asked,??Who wants a stylus??

?You have to get ?em, put ?em away. You lose ?em. Yuck.? Jobs preferred to use the ?fingertip? which he described as ?the best pointing device in the world.?

But for most of us, fingertip is only good for scrolling and clicking hyperlinks but not for drawing. So, Adobe Ink and Slide is really suitable for people who are not into ?fingertip.?

These tools are the first hardware products from Adobe, maker of?Photoshop?and Acrobat, which aspires to make the digital pen an essential accessory for iPad users.

Adobe Ink is a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen that has a smooth outline to give you ?unprecedented precision plus ?greater creative control. This tool is extremely light and feels great in the hand no matter how you hold it.

Adobe Slide is an advanced ruler that gives you the chance to draw any shape on your iPad ? including perfect circles, classic French curves and straight lines. Unlike Adobe Ink that uses Bluetooth to?sync?with the iPad, Slide uses magnets on iPad?s screen to simulate?multi-touch?points.

Ink and Slide are intended to work with two new Adobe Apps: Sketch and Line.?Sketch is a simple drawing app and Line is more complicated drawing app.

These tools are available in the U.S. and can be bought through?Adonit?s Online Store for $199.99.

Anyhow, for individuals who simply need to dally with drawing on the iPad, $199.99 is a lot of cash. If you?re willing to sacrifice delicacy and features, there are other budget-friendlier options. But if you?re not concerned about the price, then grab these new tools now from Adobe.

Image Source: Adonit

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